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Bollywood Masala Orchestra and Dancers of India present the Spirit of India



The Bollywood Masala Orchestra and Dancers of India present the Spirit of India, a new step toward a bold vision in Indian live music and dance being presented to the world for the first time. Rahis Bharti, one of India’s greatest musical figures, and the Bollywood Masala Orchestra and Dancers of India invite you on a lively musical journey from Rajasthan to Mumbai. The Bollywood Masala Orchestra and Dancers of India is a vision of Rahis Bharti, who invites you into the world of music, dance, dynamic rhythm and spirituality that characterizes the incredible India we know today. From an early age, he was captivated by both the rich traditions and modern interpretations of his country’s signature sound and vision. Over his career, Bharti has travelled the world performing and has made each prestigious festival, concert hall or theatre into a lavish and courtly stage of his own imagining. With 17 professional artists onstage, you will experience the soul of a veritable feast of Indian sounds, featuring a mix of Indian and Western instruments such as bass drums, side drums, trombone, tabla, dholak, harmonium, and clarinet, among many others. Your feet will soon be tapping along without you even realizing it. The Bollywood Masala Orchestra and Dancers of India give an authentic taste of the richness and excitement of Indian music.

Sahana is proud to say that this spectacular show is now in your neighborhood. For tickets and details check out Harris Center, Folsom, CA.




SAHANA is a California based non-profit organization (Tax exempt under 501 (c)(3) of IRS) structured to preserve South Asian Heritage and Arts through Education in Fine Arts & Music in the Greater Sacramento Community. SAHANA provides an opportunity to local artists in the Sacramento region to show case their talent to a wider audience in a professional atmosphere.  Our goal is to nurture and promote dance, music and fine arts that originated from the Indian sub-continent (Bangladesh, Bhutan, Burma, India, Nepal,  Pakistan and SriLanka) , in our local community.


We are Volunteers

SAHANA Team and Working Group members are volunteer performing artists, musicians and members of local community who have worked together to make SAHANA accessible and useful to the community. SAHANA! has some wonderfully talented people working towards a common goal of taking all art forms emerged from the Indian Sub-Continent to the forefront of our local community.


Making a difference

Since its inception, SAHANA team has millions of good reasons to be smiling about their community work performed so far. Our team has helped our community members by engaging in Classical Graduation programs (a.k.a Arangetram) by helping them in Theater selection, providing additional support with sound and Theatrical lighting and helping in subsidizing Theater rental costs.

Join our team and make a difference.